Display property

Quickly and responsively toggle the display value of components and more with our display utilities. Includes support for some of the more common values, as well as some extras for controlling display when printing.

How To

  1. Step 1: Include LambdaEx Framework in Logi Info Application. Include LambdaEx Framework in Logi Info Application.

Common display values

The display property accepts a handful of values and we support many of them with utility classes. We purposefully don’t provide every value as a utility, so here’s what we support:

  • .d-none
  • .d-inline
  • .d-inline-block
  • .d-block
  • .d-table
  • .d-table-cell
  • .d-flix
  • .d-inline-flex

Put them to use by applying any of the classes to an element of your choice. For example, here’s how you could use the inline, block, or inline-block utilities (the same applies to the other classes).


Responsive variations also exist for every single utility mentioned above.

  • .d-{value} for xs
  • .d-{breakpoint}-{value} for sm, md, lg, and xl.
Inline block

Hiding Elements

For faster mobile-friendly development, use responsive display classes for showing and hiding elements by device. Avoid creating entirely different versions of the same site, instead hide element responsively for each screen size.

To hide elements simply use the .d-none class or one of the .d-{sm,md,lg,xl}-none classes for any responsive screen variation.

To show an element only on a given interval of screen sizes you can combine one .d-*-none class with a .d-*-* class, for example .d-none.d-md-block.d-xl-none will hide the element for all screen sizes except on medium and large devices.

Screen SizeClass
Hidden on alld-none
Hidden only on xsd-none d-sm-block
Hidden only on smd-sm-none d-md-block
Hidden only on mdd-md-none d-lg-block
Hidden only on lgd-lg-none d-xl-block
Hidden only on xld-xl-none
Visible on alld-block
Visible only on xsd-block d-sm-none
Visible only on smd-none d-sm-block d-md-none
Visible only on mdd-none d-md-block d-lg-none
Visible only on lgd-none d-lg-block d-xl-none
Visible only on xld-none d-xl-block

Display in print

Change the display value of elements when printing with our print display utilities.

Screen SizePrint style
.d-print-blockApplies display: block to the element when printing
.d-print-inlineApplies display: inline to the element when printing
.d-print-inline-blockApplies display: inline-block to the element when printing
.d-print-noneApplies display: none to the element when printing