Wait Panel

Associated with the start of an action and displays a modal panel, with animated image, until action processing is complete.

How To

  1. Step 1: Include 'PleaseWait.css' and 'gear.svg' in Logi Info ApplicationInclude 'PleaseWait.css' and 'gear.svg' in Logi Info Application

About the Wait Panel Element

The Wait Panel element can be added as a child of a number of elements, including:

  • Action.Link
  • Action.Process
  • Action.Refresh Element
  • Action.Run Bookmark
  • Analysis Chart
  • Analysis Grid
  • Chart Grid
  • Dimension Grid
  • Target.CSV
  • Target.Export Word Or Excel
  • Target.Google Spreadsheet
  • Target.Native Excel
  • Target.Native Word
  • Target.PDF
  • Target.Report
  • Target.Template
  • Target.XML

You can see, from the list, that it covers a variety of potentially time-consuming operations. What happens is that, when the parent Action occurs, the current web page is overlaid with a transparent, modal page, with an animated "please wait" icon, which remains in place until it's replaced by whatever page follows it.

Note that the Wait Panel is not available for use in SubReports with a SubReport Mode attribute setting of Embedded.

Logi Info comes with a standard HTML "wait" page which is called by the Wait Panel element. This file and its supporting files are located in your application's rdTemplate folder.

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