Bootstrap Tags Input

jQuery plugin providing a Bootstrap user interface for managing tags

How To

  1. Step 1: Include LambdaEx Framework in Logi Info Application. Include LambdaEx Framework in Logi Info Application.
  2. Step 2: Include Bootstrap Tags Input in Logi Info ApplicationInclude Bootstrap Tags Input in Logi Info Application
  3. Step 3: Include northwind.xml source files in Logi Info ApplicationInclude northwind.xml source files in Logi Info Application


  • Objects as tags
  • True multi value
  • Typeahead
  • Integration with jQuery & Knockout
Simple Example

Add data-role="tagsinput" to your input field to automatically change it to a tags input field.


Typeahead is not included in Bootstrap, so you'll have to include your own typeahead.js library. An example of using this is shown below.


tagClass:Classname for the tags, or a function returning a classname
itemValue:When adding objects as tags, itemValue must be set to the name of the property containing the item's value, or a function returning an item's value.
itemText:When adding objects as tags, you can set itemText to the name of the property of item to use for a its tag's text. You may also provide a function which returns an item's value. When this options is not set, the value of <code>itemValue</code> will be used.
confirmKeys:Array of keycodes which will add a tag when typing in the input. (default: [13, 188], which are ENTER and comma)
maxTags:When set, no more than the given number of tags are allowed to add (default: undefined). When maxTags is reached, a class 'bootstrap-tagsinput-max' is placed on the tagsinput element.
maxChars:Defines the maximum length of a single tag. (default: undefined)
cancelConfirmKeysOnEmpty:Boolean value controlling whether form submissions get processed when pressing enter in a field converted to a tagsinput (default: false).
onTagExists:Function invoked when trying to add an item which allready exists. By default, the existing tag hides and fades in.
trimValue:When true, automatically removes all whitespace around tags. (default: false)
allowDuplicates:When true, the same tag can be added multiple times. (default: false)
focusClass:When the input container has focus, the class specified by this config option will be applied to the container
freeInput:Allow creating tags which are not returned by typeahead's source (default: true)
typeahead:Object containing typeahead specific options
source:An array (or function returning a promise or array), which will be used as source for a typeahead.


addAdds a tag
removeRemoves a tag
removeAllRemoves all tags
focusSets focus in the tagsinput
inputReturns the tagsinput's internal <input />, which is used for adding tags. You could use this to add your own typeahead behaviour for example.
refreshRefreshes the tags input UI. This might be usefull when you're adding objects as tags. When an object's text changes, you'll have to refresh to update the matching tag's text.
destroyRemoves tagsinput behaviour
//change the selected date range of that picker
$('input').tagsinput('add', { id: 1, text: 'some tag' });
$('input').tagsinput('remove', { id: 1, text: 'some tag' });


itemAddedOnInitDuring initialization, pre-defined tags being added will cause this event to be triggered.
beforeItemAddTriggered just before an item gets added.
itemAddedTriggered just after an item got added.
beforeItemRemoveTriggered just before an item gets removed.
itemRemovedTriggered just after an item got removed.
$('input').on('itemAddedOnInit', function(event) {
  // event.item: contains the item