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Theme: Arizona


The original phrase "the Three Rs" came from a previous speech made by Sir William Curtis in 1795. From reading and writing comes the idea in modern education of literacy, by which we generally mean having the ability to understand ideas expressed through the medium of words. From reckoning and figuring comes the modern idea of numeracy which means being able to understand ideas expressed in the medium of mathematics...

10254Chop-suey ChineseHauptstr #31BernSwitzerland
10250Hanari CarnesRua do Paço #67Rio de JaneiroBrazil
10253Hanari CarnesRua do Paço #67Rio de JaneiroBrazil
10257HILARION-AbastosCarrera 22 con Ave. Carlos Soublette #8-35San CristóbalVenezuela
10255Richter SupermarktStarenweg 5GenèveSwitzerland
10252Suprêmes délicesBoulevard Tirou #255CharleroiBelgium
10249Toms SpezialitätenLuisenstr. 48MünsterGermany
10251Victuailles en stock2 rue du CommerceLyonFrance
10248Vins et alcools Chevalier59 rue de l'AbbayeReimsFrance
10256Wellington ImportadoraRua do Mercado #12ResendeBrazil

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